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    & Recorded

    In All 50 States!

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    Easier than brewing coffee

$75* Deed Prep

Your deed professionally prepared and recorded anywhere in the United States.

We prepare deeds nationwide for everyday transfers to and from living trusts, adding or removing co-owners/spouses and even transfers between entities.

Our professionals provide services directly to estate planning law firms, probate attorneys, title companies, settlement service providers, lenders, and consumers.

*Additional Fees may apply. Rush Service Available. Processing time begins only after all required information has been received and verified.

The only Complete Nationwide Deed Service:
from Deed prep to recording.

Fast & Easy Service Nationwide

1. Prepare Your Deed
A Paralegal will quickly prepare your document(s)
2. Mobile Notary
Schedule a Mobile Notary to come to you to sign your documents.
3. Recording
We will record your documents with your local government.

Deeds Available

  • Quit Claim Deed

    A simple transfer of property rights and claims with no warranty. (Often used between family members.)

  • Warranty Deed

    A Warranty Deed guarantees the title is free from defects from current & all previous owners.

  • Grant Deed

    Often used in real estate transactions, this guarantees the property is free of undisclosed encumbrances and not previously conveyed.

  • Special Warranty Deed

    Similar to a Warranty Deed, but only guarantees against problems or claims created during the grantor's ownership of the property

  • Beneficiary Deed

    AKA Transfer on Death or LadyBird Deed. This deed conveys the property after the owner dies. (Not available in all states.)

  • Gift Deed

    This deed is used when you are gifting property without monetary compensation (gift taxes may apply).

  • Disclaimer Deed

    Often used in Community Property States for current (or ex) spouse to disclaim any ownership (usually to clear title after divorce).

  • I Don't Know Deed

    If you are not sure what type of deed you need, select this option and our team can find the right one for you and your situation.

Have a notary come to you! Wherever you are, 365 days a year.

We have access to an extensive network of certified notaries across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Our notaries have successfully helped hundreds of thousands of clients get their documents executed on time at a location of their choice.

Add Mobile Notary Service

Recording Services

With recording service, our team will record your documents with your local county, parish, or other county equivalent.

Just mail or overnight your documents to our service center and we will take care of the rest.

Add E-Recording Service

Basic Deed Preparation

Just your deed prepared, at the lowest price possible. 
A copy of your current deed must be submitted with your order.  You are responsible for recording/filling the deed with your local county recorder.  

Basic Deed Preparation


-Copy of Current Deed Required
-County Fees Not Included

  • 1 Deed Prepared
  • All 50 states
  • Rush Service Available
  • Add'l Services Available


Our most popular product.  Your deed prepared with all options included.  
We will research your current deed, prepare your new deed, and complete local forms, as well as  calculate recording fees.

Deed Preparation

A new deed is prepared to met the exacting requirements in any of the nearly 3900 local jurisdictions in the US.

Deed / Title Research

We research your current deed & determine the precise legal description of your property (map,block and lot number) and how title is held.

Local Forms*

All city, county and state required forms are prepared and included with your deed.

Deed Recording

Signed deed, forms and fees are sent to county for recording. 

VIP Package


+ County Recording Fees & Taxes

  • 1 Deed Prepared
  • 1 Deed Recorded
  • Current Deed/Title Research
  • Local Forms Completed*
  • Calc. Recording Fees & Taxes
  • Rush Service Available

*Forms are completed to the extent that required information can be obtained. Customers will be instructed to provide additional information if required. New York / Rhode Island (sale) / Wisconsin (New York City forms are prepared and delivered after signing your deed) Any forms required for NY, WI and RI will be assessed an additional $35 per deed. (New York City forms are prepared and delivered after signing your deed) Any forms required for NY, WI and RI will be assessed an additional $35 per deed.